As well as writing, I have a strong passion for video editing. Whether it be a trailer, interview or even a short documentary-style clip for a particular issue, it is something I very much enjoy!

So I hope that you find something of interest below!


True Grit unofficial Trailer

This was my very first video made, as part of an A-level extended project (which received an A* yayy).

Muslims: A first documentary

When I first joined uni, I wanted to take a break from the constant academic style essays that you have to churn out one after the other. So, I mixed my two passions, the creative arts, and social issues!

At this point, I had no tech to hand, little to no planning, and no editing skills as I am self-taught. So given the circumstances, I can say I was satisfied with the outcome. (I’m not anymore, but I was at the time).

Rhapsodies of Music

This, I didn’t make but, was featured in and am very passionate about. It concludes the emotions and feelings that music brings to people and is a great highlight of individualism.