alisonLocal Business Owner mixes fun with glitz and glam to raise money for charity.

Have you ever had your hair cut out in the sunshine, surrounded by dancers, DJ’s and an Elvis impersonator?
If the answer is no, head down to HiLites Hair Salon where…        [READ MORE]


tumblr_p1onreCsvL1tkymifo1_1280tHe Uni ExpERienCe: A day in the life.

March 20, 2018

Before choosing my university and deciding whether I want to commute or live out, I was so concerned about missing out on the ‘Uni Experience’.

Quite frankly, I…     [READ MORE]


Women Winningdina

February 16, 2018
Somewhere last night whilst watching an episode of friends, my housemates and I found ourselves discussing the topics of body image and the low levels o… [READ MORE]


western hijabisFor All My Western Hijabis

February 15, 2018
Hijab. It’s tough. It’s beautiful. It’s elegant.
It shows commitment, resilience, tenacity. But boy, is it tough to practise, in this part of the world!
For all that don’t wear hijab this  [READ MORE]


Dina TorkiaDina Torkia: A Review

February 15, 2018
The so called pioneer of modest fashion, Dina Torkia (or better known as Dina Tokio) is easily my biggest blogging inspiration. Therefore it is safe to assume I know her blogsite like the back…      [READ MORE]