An Interview with SaraGBeauty!!

So, today I met Sara Gallego, one of the most humble, kind, down to earth ladies I have met.  The Portsmouth based hijabi influencer took some time… [READ MORE]



Screenshot_2018-03-21-22-26-01-1 THE ORDINARY: A REVIEW.

I have drugstore makeup fatigue. Walking around a busy store, turning my hand into a paint pallet and coming home with products that make me…





Women Winningdina-e1519069993615.jpg

February 16, 2018 

Somewhere last night whilst watching an episode of friends, my housemates and I found ourselves discussing the topics of body image and the low levels o… [READ MORE]


western hijabisFor All My Western Hijabi’s

February 15, 2018

Hijab. It’s tough. It’s beautiful. It’s elegant.
It shows commitment, resilience, tenacity. But boy, is it tough to practise, in this part of the world!
For all that don’t wear hijab this post is for you, an [READ MORE]



Dina TorkiaDina Torkia: A review

February 15, 2018

The so called pioneer of modest fashion, Dina Torkia (or better known as Dina Tokio) is easily my biggest blogging inspiration. Therefore it is safe to assume I know her blogsite like the back of my hand… [READ MORE]