Dr. Who: The Woman Who Fell To Earth. And Rose to the Occasion.

The new Doctor and her companions are back and are better than ever.

dr who blog pic
photo credits: BBC


The TARDIS is now pink and covered in boy band posters. It’s still bigger on the inside, but now has space for a dressing room and vanity table. Out emerges The Doctor, sonic mascara in manicured hand. She flings it into her sparkly alien purse and stumbles out in last night’s heels. What did you expect from a female time lord?
Just kidding, the TARDIS is still blue and the Time Lord is still electrifying. Sceptics you can now breathe.
Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor debut crashed to the tracks, fresh from regeneration, still in Capaldi’s old ruffle sleeves and trench coat.
She touched down, armed with signature wit, and that Tennant tenacity. She kept the authenticity of the previous doctors but brought her own style. (It’s magnificent).


Credit: BBC

A female doctor wasn’t the focus though. Writer, Chris Chinball, shone the spotlight on the refreshing new companions.
In the form of a YouTube vlog, main accomplice, Ryan is introduced. A young black teenager with Dyspraxia, a condition surrounding coordination difficulties. His condition is normalised and weaved into the story brilliantly. This is how representation is done.

He then finds Yaz, a young Asian police officer, and old friend. Whilst I miss Rose Tyler and Mickey, this character modernisation is intriguing. did I mention I how much I love the representation?

The two team up when Ryan discovers a Torchwood looking egg. The visuals are amazing. Think Jurassic Park on LSD. In Sheffield.
The only downside, without spoiling, is the debut villain, in my humble opinion, he just doesn’t live up to Dr. Who standard. Visually, the episode delivers, but the concept, I couldn’t back. But there’s hope, I hear that Daleks are resurfacing…

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