Post a Letter

Every day women are verbally abused,

Sorry Boris, are you amused?

I seem to be confused…


See, the term ‘LETTER BOX’ has me addled,

It’s a peculiar connotation you have babbled.


I’ve seen letterboxes used for communication,

For love notes, postcards, positive affiliation.



Against the administration.


It seems its controversy you seek.

As if you do not want us to speak,


Hence I find letterbox an interesting term,

Do you see the irony, does it cause you concern?


The positive connotations must have slipped your mind,

As you used your Bullingdon talk, so blind.


I know a few letterboxes me,

They take my word, my chatter and my plea.

They listen to me,

And they listen for free.


So before you continue to speak so ill,

Post a letter, write a note, grab a quill.


Talk to a ’LETTER BOX’, a word you so wisely chose,

For they are always open, they’ll take your prose.


Letterbox is the Perfect adjective you see,

If anything, a letterbox is what I aspire to be.


So if you see this Boris, I just wanted to say,

Before you hide from the media and step away,


Thank you for opening up this dialogue,

For making us all talk,

Why not become a letterbox?






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