Financial Controversy surrounding Cameron’s NCS


NCS, The National Citizen Service, is a 4 week programme, provided and funded by the Government for teens between the age of 15 and 17. It derived from former Prime Minister David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ scheme, and he still carries it on as the NCS Chairman of the board of patrons.

Schools will not be forced to promote National Citizen Service - but it will still get £424m a year

The program itself requires a whopping 95% of the Governments youth services budget, meanwhile 2016 saw only 12% of eligible teens taking part.

Critics have had an array of negative opinions regarding the continuation of the scheme due to the recent financial cuts taken on local councils youth spending by 40%.

The Local Government Association (LGO) represents 730 English and Welsh councils, and they believe that the funding for youth programmes need to be regular and spread out across the year rather than concentrated within four weeks.

They believe that scraping NCS and redirecting money toward local council youth programmes would create a longer lasting effect on younger peoples relationships and contact with the community.

However, shadow Minister Cat Smith says NCS provides teens with ‘great opportunities’.

Cat Smith MP in the House of Commons

According to the department of Culture, Media and Sport: ‘The National Citizen Service has improved the lives of 400,00 young people in disadvantaged areas across the country’. But is it worth keeping it on?

As it stands, NCS is to continue but the Public accounts committee worry as this is not the first time that NCS has come under criticism and reform They also say that there is no way of measuring thee ‘long-term outcomes of the programme.’

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