Punish A Muslim Day: Why is the Mainstream Media silent?

Muslims receiving hate and abuse is nothing new. Groups like the EDL are notorious for their dislike towards Islam, and have always voiced their opinion.

However, the far-right is growing fast, and with the continuous pejorative reports on Islam and The Middle East, hate is brewing.

April the 3rd. That’s when the so-called ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ is going forward.

And here’s why: Anti–hate group ‘Tell Mama’ have shared a letter that was sent to UK homes entailing what is to happen on April 3rd.

There’s a point system based on the atrocities that can be carried out. 50 points for abusing a Muslim. 1000 points for bombing a Mosque.

Police have said they’re merely ‘potentially malicious communications’.

But where is our mainstream media when we desperately need it? Whilst Twitter circulated warnings, there was only one article from the BBC.

Recently the issue has been discussed in Parliament as it was raised by Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi. But still, Qureshi is a Muslim so it still seems like Muslims are having to speak up alone and defend themselves.

People have been using platforms like Twitter and Instagram to share their personal stories:

Photograph: Twitter: @baegali_
Photograph: Instagram

Others have been taking the issue in the stride, shrugging it off with humour.


Photograph: Twitter: @youseph_11


With April fast approaching, it would be helpful to receive some TV coverage too. It is possible that news corporations are trying to keep the matter quiet in order to avoid the information and letter reaching the wrong audience, ultimately making matters worse.

But, already people are getting hurt. After an EDL march in Birmingham on March 24th, a Muslim man  was stabbed numerously and the mainstream media has been silent. He was only 23.

So all that’s left to say is, stay safe and look after each other.

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