I have drugstore makeup fatigue. Walking around a busy store, turning my hand into a paint pallet and coming home with products that make me look ashy, cakey or oily.

However, I am also bored of spending £30 pounds on one product that doesn’t even stay on for the whole day.

I just cant win.

But this is where The Ordinary come in.

I found The Ordinary through Instagram, through the organisation DECIEM, which features many unheard of brands. Now, I’m not one for buying things on my phone but I had a little scroll through the website. Only hoping for a little window shop because buying makeup over the internet is a risky game. On which note, I will like to put out a disclaimer- purchasing things that you have found through social media links isn’t always a great idea so always give it a double check and read reviews.

Luckily for me, it was safe and not only was this brand affordable, it was actually cheap. Initially this lead me to think it might have been a scam but with primers at £5.50? I had to at least try it. So i added one to my basket… then a ‘Retanol Squaline Solution’, followed by a ‘direct acid’ and so on. You get whats happening here, my basket was  very quickly full.

Then I got to foundations. Now I have never bought foundations online, like I said , it’s too much of a risk. But The DECIEM Website had a very clear and helpful guide, outlining which products had certain undertones different levels of coverage. And then came, what is probably their biggest selling point, the ethics that has gone into every bottle. Their foundations were cruelty free, nut free, soy free, vegan, alcohol free… There’s really no one who could find an ethical problem with these products because when it comes to health and morals, The Ordinary have got it full coverage, covered.

I ended up buying 5 foundations. No, I don’t regret it. Why? Because since this purchase all other brands have taken a seat on the shelf. I use my Ordinary foundations everyday. Yes, 5 was a bit much for a first purchase, some were a little off my shade but now I have foundation for all year round (depending on how much sun we get). The shades, so far, have seemed to work pretty well for me, and while it may have been a lucky gamble, it was worth the purchase.

However, as much as i LOVE these products, I’m not going to pretend that I know what Argireline Solution actually is and what Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip seed Oil is for, but the website provides plenty of scientific background in its product description to inform you before you buy. Me, I didn’t read much of it before I brought but they look like they know what they’re talking about…

So, how did the products stack up?


Lets start with the riskiest purchases, the foundations. Whilst everyone’s skin is different I haven’t heard one bad review about these foundations. You get two options on the website, Coverage and Serum. Serum seemed a little too oily for me so I went with coverage and it gives you coverage for sure. It covers any dark areas, red areas, hyperpigmentation, everything, and without the cakey look of foundation. A win win! It blends in so easily and just looks like skin.

So foundation is definitely a winner, but what about the other products?

If you’re one for the glowy, dewy looks, then I really recommend the High Spreadability Fluid Primer. You need less than a smudge to cover the whole face and it absorbs straight into the skin. It creates a smooth pallet for you to go straight in with your chosen foundation.

Then there’s the Niacinamide Solutions and all the other things I can’t pronounce. The clinical, sciencey bottles, chemical percentages and periodic elements requires some time t fully process but give the product descriptions a good look and you’ll find whats best for your skin.

But don’t just listen to me, here’s a visual review from YouTuber: Ayesha Abdul:

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