tHe Uni ExpERienCe: A day in the life.

Before choosing my university and deciding whether I want to commute or live out, I was so concerned about missing out on the ‘Uni Experience’.

Quite frankly, I had no idea what I was talking about.

What experience?

Prior to starting uni, the thought of living out with my friends, gaining independence and learning life skills made me feel like such an adult. The moving out, packing suitcases, buying your own cutlery, changing your address. It was all so exciting and new. But once you do it… well thats where all excitement dies. That first day, once I’d decorated my room, got to know my housemates, settled in, all adrenaline and excitement left me. For the first time in my life, I felt a real sense of ‘now what?’

What was the rush.

Apologies to those of you who haven’t gone to uni yet and have your hearts set out on the crazy uni adventure of fun and independence but here’s what the average day of a uni student sounds like: Alarm Alarm Alarm Alarm Alarm, run, bathroom, clothes, breakfast? lol no time for breakfast, bus. coffee, lecture, try so hard to look like you’re paying attention that you forget to pay attention’. Lecture finishes. Realise its only been five minuets. Cafe, lunch, concentration makes you hungry.

*wasted hours, I don’t even know what happens here*

3pm: Seminar, class discussion, have a rant about the tories, feel intelligent. Still in seminar. Make evening plans with friend.

3.32pm: Check bank balance, mutual agreement to cancel plans.

5pm: Go home. Run for the bus, miss the bus, wait 20 minuets for the next one. Quick pop into Waitrose. Lol not really, you can’t afford that. *Quick pop into Aldi.*

6pm: Home. Pet neighbours cat on the way home (highlight of the day.) Pinterest: ‘healthy meal ideas’ Just boil pasta.

8pm: Watch Top Gear. Wash hair. Twitter break. Clean room. Twitter break. Make face mask. Tweet about it.

11pm: Early night?

2am: Write blog post about unrealistic uni expectations.


Ok, so that was a bit exaggerated, its not that bad, but its not far off, stick that day on repeat and it pretty much sums it up because sorry uni is just not that exciting. And the neighbours cat doesn’t come out every day so matters just get worse.

And for those of you that drink, start reading from 3pm onwards because theres no way you’re making that 9am start.

Other than that its great. So if you’re starting uni next year, good luck, ignore everything I said earlier, I hope you get in.

And if you’re already at uni, well I don’t know what to say, its too late for us now.

And apologies for the slightly laid back post. I had nothing to write about and sometimes you just have to throw a few thoughts out there.

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