5 Motivational Muslims you need to know about

When the average person thinks of the word Muslims, the negative connotations and stereotypes that come to mind are endless. However this is nothing new. The same principle of negatively stereotyping minorities has been seen before and is still a major problem. The black community, the LGBT community and anyone who doesn’t fit into ‘societies norm’.

Despite the influence of the corporate news outlets and the political agenda, here are 5 motivational Muslims, from medics to musicians, who have gone above and beyond and made their positive stamp on the world.

1. Benazir Bhutto: The first woman to govern Pakistan.


PHOTO: The Guardian 

Whether you agree with her Thatcher inspired policies or not, Bhutto took inspiration from powerful women from across the world and made a name for herself in one of the most male dominated jobs and regions in the world. Unfortunately she was assassinated in 2007, but spent her life fighting the patriarchy and is remembered by millions of men and women across the world.

2.  Malala Yousafzai: The youngest Nobel Prize Laureate 

PHOTO: INSTAGRAM @malalafund



The 20 year old activist, is famously known for being the young girl who survived a shot on a public bus in Pakistan. Threatened by her outspoken, humanitarian nature the Taliban sent out a gunman to shoot Malala because of her activism for the education of Pakistani girls. She survived and is now living in the UK with a Nobel Peace Prize and her own series of books.

3. Harry Fear: Broadcast Journalist

PHOTO: TWITTER @harryfear

From a young age, Harry recognised the negative press coverage on wars and invasions raged against poor muslim countries. He went from media critic to media maker and visited countries like Palestine in his early 20’s, making powerful documentaries ‘seeking to wake people up’. He is still working for a better future for muslims.

4. Muhammad Ali:

PHOTO: INSTAGRAM @muhammadali

Known as ‘The greatest”, Ali was not only the best boxer the game has seen, but he went the extra mile for his religion. When he declined to fight in the Vietnam war for religious reasons, he was convicted by a jury, stripped from his belt and banned from boxing for over 3 years. He definitely punched above his weight.

5. Noor Tagouri: First Hijabi News Anchor


In todays day and age, society deems it unacceptable for Muslims to partake in many things but Tagouri is smashing the glass ceiling, after being the first woman to appear in Playboy fully clothed, literally from head to toe, she took the world of journalism by storm.

Honourable Mentions:

Because five simply isn’t enough.

Theres are many unrecognised and under-appreciated Muslims out there, so here’s a short slide show of a few more exceptional people that you may not have heard of:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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