Women Winning

Somewhere last night whilst watching an episode of friends, my housemates and I found ourselves discussing the topics of body image and the low levels of self confidence amongst females of our generation and it honestly made me appreciate the benefits of the new modest fashion wave.

Normalised by blogger, Dina Tokio, some call it the “Dina movement” or the “Dina effect” but whatever it is named, it is one of the most empowering phases brought out from the fashion industry in a long time.


So many beautiful and strong girls I know have suffered societies harsh expectations of how a woman should look.

I have friends who think they’re too fat, too skinny, too dark, too light…the list goes on and it seems although like we can never win.

But the new trend seems to be tearing down expectations with the notion of modestly dressing, keeping too your own individual level of comfort.


If you don’t like your curves, wear looser clothes, who cares what people think. If your arms or your legs aren’t as tanned as you’d like, or if people make you feel bad about your complexion, don’t show em! The notion of not adhering to societies expectations and keeping your body to yourself is pretty cool. And it’s taken the industry by storm.



Models now can walk the runway fully clothed, or hair covered, something we haven’t seen a long time and this fresh new look is sitting pretty well with women

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