Ukrainian Soldiers accidentally threat national security using fitness app.


Without realizing, the Ukrainian Marines have given away their front line location, showing their front line base outside the destroyed Donestk airport, through the use of fitness app: Strava.

Their activity had been mapped, everywhere that they ran, jogged and slept was recorded by Strava.

The company, who have been using GPS satellite tracking for 18 years, recently updated their app, included what they call a ‘Global Heatmap’. This shows the global activity of all those that use devises such as FitBit, or apps on the Apple Watch.

Despite the fact that those in the Ukrainian forces are ‘prohibited from using cell phones in order to prevent the enemy tracking their movements’, Colonel Vasyl Labay, a spokesperson at the army’s press center stated that there would need to be ‘more inquiry’ into the issue at hand.

It is assumed that some of the mapped data is from before the Ukrainian, Russian War, and could possibly be from members of the public before troops had arrived to the area. However this is uncertain and a researcher at an open source intelligence organisation has said that there was Russian soldier seen walking through the Kuzminsky base only.

The intensity of this threat is yet uncertain.


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