Tourism is Israel’s new ‘political tool’ says EU diplomats

By 2020, Israel plans to have archaeological and tourist sites, built on illegal, populated neighborhoods in order to “modify the historical narrative and to support, legitimize and expand settlements”.

The aim is to have a fully working park which will transport, per hour, more than 3,000 tourists.

The park will be government funded and be in the Palestinian populated area of Silwan in East Jerusalem. The, highly controversial, vision is to promote “an exclusively Jewish narrative, while detaching the place from its Palestinian surroundings” according to the settlement organisation that currently operates the site.

Currently, Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world, but East Jerusalem, according the EU diplomats, is the “only place where Israeli national parks are declared on populated neighbourhoods.”

Why the park? The EU claim it is in contribution to Israel’s overall plan to legitimise their state as the true occupiers of the country.

So far, despite the plan being an extremely controversial one, no outrage has broken out but the project has already displaced 228 Palestinian residents and has demolished more than 130 of their buildings. Therefore, it is clear to see that the peace overall has worsened and tensions will be heightened as the project continues.

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