Toosy or not To See.

Slashing down stereotypes and misconceptions, through her social media platform, Toosy Torkia changing the way we see Islam and Muslims.
She is doing this, not only through her sense of humour and great taste in fashion but though simply spreading her genuine views, whether it be on an Instagram story or in a YouTube video.
Toosy ventures through a wide range of topics from issues surrounding the’ prohibited pig’, white privilege, all the way to enlightening her viewers on the realities of Palestine. She really tackles the hard ones.
However, it is mainly the way in which Toosy tackles these issues that interests me. For instance when it comes to such topics, we Muslims (and ‘non Muslims’), tend to get a bit heated.
‘Why don’t you eat pigs? What’s wrong with you?’…
‘They’re dirty animals’
‘Apparently Pigs are sacred to Muslims, that’s why.’
I’ve heard it all. But Toosy Torkia set the record straight in a way that we should all try to follow. She quietly did her research. Presented the facts. It is as simple as that. And in case you’re wondering, pigs aren’t dirty, they roll in the mud to cool down. It also turns out we might need them in the future due to their DNA, so they are very important animals.

Thanks for that one Toosy!
As I mentioned she does delve into the emotional topics like showing us the reality of  the beautiful, Palestine. But I’ll leave that to you.

It’s worth the watch, trust me!



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