Muslims. Represented.

Muslims Represented. A simple title for a simple point.
Muslims have faced negative representation in mainstream media for decades. Whether it be labelling them as terrorists, oppressors or economic migrants, they haven’t been handed the positive light.
However the power of social media seems to be changing this.
YouTube, Twitter, Instagram…they are all giving Muslims the chance to present themselves to the world. Without the power of mainstream corporations and influence of news editors, Muslims are making a name for themselves.


After talking to some of the above bloggers, my family and my friends, I have come to realise that due to the negative representation the news offers Muslims, many have taken advantage of the aforementioned platforms and have decided it is finally time to make their own stamp on the world.
Previous generations seemed to notice the lack of media representation but never do anything about it. So it was noticed…but it also went unnoticed, if you know what I mean. No one took action.
But it seems 2017 is the year for Muslims to get up show who they really are. With millions of viewers on YouTube, Thousands of Instagram likes…daily, the digital world is helping them to find their own voice and speak their truths.
The media focus has always been on the few bad apples amongst the billions that are actually good people. The focus has been on the few. But its time to focus on the many.
Here’s a little video of my thoughts on the matter:


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