For all my western hijabi’s

Hijab. It’s tough. It’s beautiful. It’s elegant.
It shows commitment, resilience, tenacity. But boy, is it tough to practise, in this part of the world!
For all that don’t wear hijab this post is for you, an insight to what it’s like to look like a Muslim girl in the Western World.
Now in the UK, muslims make up only 5.02% of the population. So, as you can imagine, we are a lonely little group in the demographic! But on top of that, a number of us cover our heads (mostly women), and our arms and legs, in an act of worship, feminism and to take controll of our own bodies.
When most people think of hijabs difficulties, their minds, no doubt, go to the so called oppression of Islam and forcing women to cover up but in actuality, the biggest difficulty for us is acceptance in society.
You see, in my humble yet experienced opinion, hijab is empowerment, it’s not needing to show yourself off. It’s forcing people to take you for who you are on the inside. To see the beauty in your face, not in your curves.
And that’s where modest fashion is the saviour.  Society is slowly getting used to the fact that women are comfortable covered. Runways are accepting hijab as a legitimate peice of fashionable clothing. Companies are reconsidering their ‘sex sells’ moto’s. Modesty is in style.
And with that said, I hope that you can see hijab for what it really is. Embrace it.

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