Dina Torkia.co.uk : A review

The so called pioneer of modest fashion, Dina Torkia (or better known as Dina Tokio) is easily my biggest blogging inspiration. Therefore it is safe to assume I know her blogsite like the back of my hand!
Her blog contains two main themes. Style and Lifestyle. The latter being more serious topics that branch of her light-hearted modest fashion posts. The combination of such themes (to create modest fashion writing) is one that is current in social media today, due to the lack of representation we have in mainstream journalism. Blogsites like DinaTorkia.co.uk use fashion and other soft news (like makeup and travel writing) to convey positive images of those underrepresented in society such as Muslim women like herself.
Being a YouTuber and fashion writer, her weblog is very simplistic yet image heavy. There is use large bold images, which works well as a text heavy blog wouldn’t get an awfully high readership. The images (usually of her outfits) set a fun mood and please the fashion fans.
While the shop section is separate from the blog, there seems to be no real separation between the style and lifestyle blog posts. The lack of organisation may not work for some blogsites but contextually, Dina’s mix of soft fashion news and more serious topics like ‘Your average Muslim’ is highly effective because serious topics and issues like ‘Muslim Men’ seem to get ignored but Dina is bringing everything to the forefront, or to the front page leaving nothing unsaid.

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