Emma Watson’s ‘revealing’ photoshoot reveals societies common misconception of feminism.

Emma Watson’s dedication to feminism attacked by unfair journalist exposure

The UN Ambassador for HeForShe and Harry Potter co-star has recently been slammed as a ‘hypocritical feminist’ due to her ‘revealing topless photoshoot’.
The 26 year old actress posed for the Vanity Fair March issue wearing a mesh top and no bra, causing an upsurge of controversy regarding her ideologies and ethical ideals. Within hours of the Vanity Fair release of Watson images, negative articles and tweets were pouring out, labelling her as a phoney, fake, and hypocrite because, how can you preach for equality and have breasts right?
The unfair criticism has brought one thing to the surface though. The fact that our appearances seem to count for more in this day and age, than our views do. And Watson’s case seems to highlight this perfectly. It is evident that the media cares more about way she chooses to present her body rather than her new successful role in Disney remake Beauty and the Beast.
Or as Watson better put it in her Beauty and The Beast interview: “What has my t-ts got to do with it?”
“It’s about choice”, the star went on to say.

“It’s about freedom”.
Looking at the backlash received, it seems an appropriate to re-evaluate the term ‘feminist’. While a dictionary defines it as: ‘The social, political and economic equality of the sexes’, and women claim it to be a movement uniting women an claiming female rights, it seems to be creating issue that it set out to create.
Whilst many of us wouldn’t dream of verbally abusing or judging another women based on her looks or dress, it seems to be a rapidly growing problem with 80% of women in a recent survey saying that they judge women based on their looks before anything else. With the rapid increase of women on women repression how can we possibly progress on the quest for a one feminist world in which women can prosper as one along with our male counterparts.
Feminism, no doubt, has already been given a bad reputation with a staggering 81% of the British public not identifying with the movement, so in this time of need for consensus, we should be striving for unification rather than unnecessary judgement on one’s physical appearances.
As Watson said “Feminism isn’t a stick to which you can beat other women with” and whilst the ordeal is still in media and public attention I think it is wise for us to reconsider our idea of what it means to be a feminist. Emma Watsons’, and every women’s, choice of clothing causes no inconvenience whereas a gender wage gap to need for female education…that needs sorting out.
So with the close approaching premier of one of 2017’s biggest movie releases, Beauty and the Beast and feature in Vanity Fair Magazine, Emma Watson is at a high and needs no criticism. It is time to focus on the positives and look forward to a future of feminists uplifting one another in amity.

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