Are Trumps Offensive Views in Fact Unifying and Uplifting Us?

‘Make America stand together and protest again’
As you read this, men and women are marching for gender quality, families are protesting for black lives and the freedom of religion. The world is thriving for progression. However as you read this, a discriminating isolationist is in control of the most powerful country on the planet. President Donald J Trump. A name to go down in history. Not only for his ignorance to progress but for the way in which he speaks the unspeakable, verbally taking America back to dark, discriminating times, a haunting past.
As a human rights activist, I am deeply concerned by the incompetence held by the President, but it’s not just me, fear and uncertainty is echoing across the globe because no one truly knows what Trump will bring forward next. The fear has sparked from his comments made during the run up to the election, Mr Trump has offended all by calling Mexican’s ‘rapists’, proudly claiming to ‘grab [women] by the pussy’ and planning ‘the total and complete shutdown of Muslims’. Dominating, offensive language is something of the past for the majority of the world but Trump openly and unprofessionally mocks minorities and is causing an international scare.
It is not only scary that he is proud of his backward values but he, as now the most powerful man in the world, has the ability to drag us all back to dark segregated times. He has the power to remove rights nationally, attack internationally or ‘bomb the sh*t out of ISIS’ and force his beliefs upon the world causing unrest and termination of all unity that we, as a world, have worked so hard for.
However after the inauguration on January 20th, people are no longer sitting scared. Before, during Trump’s inauguration and now, people are still fighting across the globe for unity and equality. They aren’t giving up on what countess generations fought for. Using fear to fight for the progression that we, the people, believe in. Using Trump’s unnerving views and thrive for progression. Making America and the wider wold greater.

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