o h h e l l o

I’m Hinna, a 20 something journalist with a love for cats, plants, and all other possibly boring content.

I am a fully trained video journalist, I have worked on That’s TV as a reporter and had pieces of my work featured on BBC South Today.

I also have appeared on BBC Sunday Politics a couple of times, and spoken on BBC radio Solent and Berkshire. (Never got to meet Sally Taylor though so was it really worth it?)

I write about almost anything but my specialty is politics, social issues and just in general the all important questions like what is the meaning of life? What came first the chicken or the egg? And who was the best Beatle? (George Harrison)

All jokes aside, along with the BBC work that was aired, I have had my work printed, I recently worked with The Portsmouth News and had my work in the daily paper.

I am now in my final year of studies on an NCTJ accredited Journalism degree course (100WPM shorthand, thank you for asking).

I am open to commissions so feel free to drop me an email or just say hi. Don’t hesitate to follow the Twitter and Instagram either!

As for this site, there’s plenty to see! There’s blog posts, video, photo’s, and a podcast that I promise I will start! (no promises actually). If you haven’t checked it out yet I think this sums it up…

Thanks! and don’t forget to check out my Instagram feed for updates, I try my best to keep it looking good.