o h h e l l o

You know when you buy a diary in December thinking ‘yeah, next year I’m going to fill this out EVERY DAY without fail, i’m actually going to do it this time!’.

And then you leave it on a shelf somewhere on January 15th?

Well I started this blog a good four years ago…

…A teacher in sixthform told me, ‘if you’re going to be a journalist… you need a blog!’

So I wrote a few articles. One about Trump, one on The Walking Dead, and I think one on Emma Watson… they were just my likes and dislikes at the time (I’ll let you work out which of the three was a dislike).

Anddddd then my blog sat dormant.

I thought about it sometimes but what was there to write about? And why write it when you could watch another episode of The Office instead?

Since 2018 people blogging for fun has decreased by around 10%.

…As for me and my quad-gap year… I finally realised there was no such thing as being ‘uninspired’ and started to tap into the love for writing I always knew was in here. *points to heart*

I’ve written a few things now. Some reviews, some tutorials and even some deep stuff, (ew, I know). I’ve even got a photo’s page, a video page and a podcast section! (I mean, I haven’t actually filled the podcast section… but it’s there!)

Not only that but this blog is now home to my t-shirt business! Talk about doing a lot with a small space!

I’m just hoping there’s something in this random heap of content that you may find interesting. And if you’re still feeling clueless as to what my blog may offer you, I think this image sums it up nicely…

Thanks! and don’t forget to check out my Instagram feed for updates, I try my best to keep it looking good.